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Dirty Dancefloors and Dreams of Naughtiness

...waiting for the Great Leap Forward... (since 1976)

Busto -From Despair to Where? Mornington Crescent!
1. My blog in shorthand? Scot... Yorkshire... Crohn’s... Greggs... randomchocolatetuesday...

2. Writing an LJ profile page is a bit like writing a self depreciating CV. Trying to talk yourself up whilst sounding modest about it (because you don’t want to look like you are trying
3. I started blogging around five years ago, without any real purpose. Whilst I have opinions about the bigger things in life, sometimes it’s easier to write about socks, or pie fillings or other matters.
4. never made a conscious decision to write most of my entries in the “ten point” format, but it kind of stuck. It does mean that I can sneak in a couple of mentions about life in Crookes, or obscure Scottish football teams, amongst talking about other stuff.
5. The Bus To Crookes was a Human League b-side, and Crookes is where I live.

6. B-sides will seem alien to anyone under twenty, but they used to be a secret obsession of mine; the tracks that rewarded fans of a band (when singles were only in the shop for a few weeks), the hard to obtain songs that you couldn’t just pick up on the album. B-sides were proof that you were there. Now, everything is available to download, and there’s no cachet attached to having tracked obscure songs down.

7. randomchocolatetuesday is a bit hard to explain, but the basics are that each Tuesday I eat some random chocolate. This has involved a lot of forgotten delights (who knew you still get Dark Chocolate Bounty, Ruffles and Fruit Clubs) - hats off to misswyoming for the idea

8. I’ve written an introduction post here (http://thebustocrookes.livejournal.com/168423.html) to explain a few details through the medium of A-Z...

9. If you are passing, please have a look at my Friend List. They are responsible for many things, from the socks I wear to the music I listen to. They’ve been a great support network over the years, whenever I’ve had a bad day

10 Feel free to comment without friending or friend without commenting. I’m not precious about these things. Relationships evolve, blogs evolve, people evolve...

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