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Dirty Dancefloors and Dreams of Naughtiness

Dec. 18th, 2015

08:26 pm - Ten Years Asleep In The Queue For The Late Night Bus

1. The Americans have Black Friday. Here in Yorkshire, there’s Black Eye Friday (also known as Mad Friday) – the last Friday before Christmas, usually a time of carnage in town centre alehouses. So here I am at home, stone cold sober (i.e. Mrs B is off on her work night out, and I’ve been reading Danny Champion Of The World plus some Alice In Wonderland).

Back Once Again With The Ill Behaviour?Collapse )

10. I started blogging in December 2005. Apparently that’s ten years ago… makes me feel old. That seems a long time ago. I’d not been diagnosed with Crohns (though the symptoms were all there in hindsight). No parenthood to worry about. Twentysomething. Still just as daft though.

Jul. 8th, 2014

07:59 pm - The World’s Already Far Too Full Of Cuts And Burns And Bumps…

1. I think I’ve fallen off the radar. No tweets for over a month. I’ve probably not even updated Facebook once a month since the end of last year. My Flickr account has seen only one update in the past couple of years (the Half Marathon). My Instagram is looking rather dusty. And as for this poor neglected blog…This Is My 2014, Tell Me YoursCollapse )

(must do this again some time...)